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Learn about what motivates us to be working on the current Radiology Physics project, and what we hope to add to our society through our educational opportunities.

“This is a great quote by the founder of this course website! It is witty and smart and looks cool.

Karen Brown, Co-Founder

“It’s my hope that students feel empowered by the knowledge they gain through the educational journey they take in our courses.”

Daniel Ferry, Co-Founder


We are a team of medical professionals who have taken a brutally honest look at traditional radiology physics teaching methods and realized we need to make some improvements. We have been given the gift of technology, and with that gift comes the ability to explain complex concepts in very simple ways.

Our experience in educational environments has helped us to create micro-learning modules that break down these complex concepts through state-of-the-art video animation. Now, concepts in the world of radiology that were once confusing are easily understood providing medical professionals with the full knowledge of their field.


We develop easy, digestible micro-learning modules for radiology residents through:

  • State of the art video animation.
  • On-demand access to courses.
  • Access to virtual office hours with qualified professionals.

We do this for individual residents who are looking to supplement traditional radiology physics learning techniques and for collegiate programs who are looking to empower the future radiologists of our nation.



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